IMPORTANT SECURITY MESSAGE: Saasu staff will never ask you for your password verbally or in writing. Saasu staff can’t access your password. If you ever get a request for your password, notify us immediately.

Reset your Password

  1. Go to and then click on Sign-in link on the top right of our homepage.
  2. Click the Forgot Password link.
  3. Enter your email address for your user account
  4. Saasu sends you an email with a verification link to confirm you want your password reset and also a temporary password.

Adding New Users

You will need administration rights to add or remove users. The original subscriber is usually the administrator who controls user access. They can give authority to other users to administer users. Standard users cannot add or remove users for security reasons. To add or remove a user to your online accounting file:

  1. Click the cog icon link in the top right and then on Invite User.
  2. Fill in the details to invite the user using this form.
  3. Select the Access Level for the files this user has access to.
  4. Tick This user has permission to manage membership details if you want this user to be an administrator with the ability to add, remove, and edit files and users.
  5. Tick This user is my advisor to tell the Saasu service team to treat this person as a financial, bookkeeping, or accounting professional.
  6. Click Invite – They will receive an email that has an activation link which they have to click to accept the invitation. If the user is a new user to Saasu, they will have to fill in certain details including a password when accepting the invitation. If the user is already an existing user they will only have to enter their password when accepting the invitation.

Or read here for our tips on adding new users

Add an Existing Saasu User

If the invitation was sent to an existing user’s different email address, they will still be able to sign in using their email address along with the password when he’s accepting the invitation.

Remove Users

  1. Click the cog icon in the top right and then Manage Subscription.
  2. Click on the name of the subscription that you want to remove the user from
  3. Then under “Users” on the Manage Subscription screen, click the trash icon next to the user you want to remove.

Password Safety

Your choice of password is extremely important to prevent unauthorised access to your information. Choose a password that has at least eight characters with both letters and numbers or characters.

Adresses, family member names, pet names, license plates, phone numbers etc.

Saasu Service Desk Access

Sometimes the service team here at need access to your information in order to assist you with a problem. Under the terms of service you agree to when you sign up with us we already legally have the right to access your data for specific purposes like this but we normally don’t exercise this right of access without asking you again formally.

This is mainly as a courtesy but it is also because we take data security very seriously and think that it is better to get specific permission from you when this is required.

We think this small inconvenience is worthwhile for us both because your information security is important and it ensures tighter control.

NOTE: The Service team provides support on how to use system features, we do not provide business, legal, or accounting advice. For advice or information on business or legal matters, or accounting treatment of transactions, please discuss with your tax advisor and/or accountant and/or bookkeeper.

If you raise a service request with our service team via the phone or the web, we may ask you to grant us permission to investigate the issue. We will normally only do this via an access request email (with a link to this page) from a nominated Saasu Service Team staff member to the pre-registered email address for the subscription or file even if we have spoken on the phone. This is a security measure.

To allow Saasu service team members access please:

  1. Raise a service case online and give us clear instructions on the problem you have in writing using a help ticket. This is a security measure to ensure the Internet address of the request is tracked and we automatically detect your technical configuration and specific details for the request. You need to explicitly provide us with access (see step 2) or give us additional permission in writing as part of the service request or in a subsequent email.
  2. The staff member dealing with your service ticket will request of email for authority to attach to your file, they will then organise to be attached to your file internally based on your authority.


Why can’t I edit user settings if I am the administrator?

Saasu users can have access to multiple subscriptions and files so the user themselves needs to update their own details. Administrators can control whether or not they have access to file(s) but can’t control user details.

For the users to update their own details they just need to sign in and click their name in the top menu bar. This will open their user details which they can then edit and save.

Who has the authority to manage the subscription?

We have the following subscription management policies for paid Saasu subscribers regarding security and protection:

  1. Paying subscribers to Saasu can nominate a third party on behalf of you to make any changes to your subscription or sign-in details. To do this, you need to add the third party to your subscription and give them administrative access for your subscription. See the note about adding new users.
  2. If another individual or business has acquired your business, you need to give access to the new owners first by adding them as new users. You should not allow them to use your sign-in details under any circumstances.
  3. If you have signed up under a Saasu partner, and later decide to become a direct Saasu customer, you need to sign up again under a new paid subscription plan with us. Once you have signed-up, inform us you have done so and we will transfer your files from the Premier Partner’s subscription to yours.
  4. The same applies if you are a Saasu Partner and require customer files to be moved from their own subscription to your subscription. You have to inform your customers to instruct us to do this. We will then transfer the customer files over to their new subscriptions from yours.

The person I invited didn’t get the invite email?

On occasions the email invite can get caught in a junk mail folder. This is a good place to check first if the email invite doesn’t get through. If you need any assistance working out why, just create a help ticket and we’ll check if the email was sent.

How can I stop someone printing from Saasu?

Preventing printing is something in banking/accounting in Australia that is seen as very difficult and sometimes futile due to these issues:

  • All operating systems allow screen dumps
  • All writeable disk and optic drives need to be removed or restricted to prevent data copy
  • USB/Firewire ports, etc, need to be physically removed or disabled
  • Allowing access to printers but control what can be printed is quite hard because of the above
  • Copy/paste functionality in browser and operating systems allows data to be moved to text files or other data file types which users often have the ability to print from
  • Mobile phones can be used to capture sensitive data regardless of any info users have access to

So the application may stop some printing and copying but many other methods can be used by employees to get data if they really want it. Thus we have held back on these features. In my experience heading towards surveillance is the best strategy. We did end up removing drive/usb access for staff below my/director level.