IMS – Integrated Management Service


IMS Saasu ConnectorIMS is an integrated management system designed to streamline operations for field service businesses. IMS was designed by a Tradie for Tradies. It’s all about getting the job done and capturing the information you need, like what parts did I use and who worked what hours. IMS tracks jobs, billable hours, inventory and compliance requirements.

The Saasu – IMS Integration link software brings the accounting power of Saasu and the job tracking, project management and invoicing power of IMS together to allow for an easy flow of information. Do all of your work in IMS and let the integration link move those client and supplier updates, as well as finalised purchase orders and invoices, across to Saasu.



Features and Benefits

Synchronise Client and Supplier Updates

The IMS Saasu Integration solution allows you to sync your client and supplier data from IMS to Saasu. Whenever a change to the Client or Supplier information is made in IMS, that file is then marked to be updated for the next time you run the IMS Saasu Integration Link.

Push Client and Supplier Invoices

Eliminate one of the most frustrating and time consuming components of paper work, double entry of paper work. Once an Invoice has been completed in IMS, the Integration Software will move that into Saasu ready to receive payment against it or to remind you to pay the bill.

Do all your work in one area

With the IMS Saasu Integration Link you don’t have to worry about staff swapping in between different programs to get their work done. They simply do it all in IMS. Everything will be updated to your accounting package whenever the Integration Software is run. No double entry, no lost time pulling information together.