Virtuemart by Slink


Slink VM 1.2.6 beta

Version Supported

VirtueMart 1.1.5 (stable)


Installation & User Guide
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Slink VM is an installable extension designed to integrate Joomla / Virtuemart ecommerce data with Saasu accounts. Slink VM eliminates repetitive data entry and automates information exchange between ecommerce and back-office accounting systems. Configurable settings and data transfer ensure Slink VM will manage data integration for many types of business workflow.


  • Link Virtuemart Sale Orders, Products and Customers in one simple-to-use package.
  • Update live inventory levels on by linking products to Saasu inventory.
  • Add custom scripts to achieve unique workflows or additional reporting tasks.
  • Secure SSL data transfer
  • Easy to set up and configure
  • Automate linking and receive email notification.


  • Reduce costs and increase productivity for order fulfilment and administration
  • Improve data accuracy
  • Real-time updates on sales and inventory*
  • Highly configurable and customisable for many types of business workflow
  • Support services and updates

Link SALES (Orders)

  • Link as Quote, Sale Order or Invoice
  • Auto-assign invoice number of assign your own prefix
  • Create payment when transferring paid orders
  • Account for shipping and coupon discounts
  • Assign Saasu tags to sales from Virtuemart.
  • NEW Supports sale orders in Foreign Currencies
  • NEW Assign payments bank account by currency

Link ITEMS (Products)

  • Link newly created or existing products (link by SKU)
  • Assign taxable or tax-free code
  • Add Saasu notes to Virtuemart Products

Link CONTACTS (Customers)

  • Link Virtuemart Customers (contacts) AND guest customers
  • Assign Saasu tags to contacts from Virtuemart
  • Link guest customers or assign default Guest Contact.

Set Up Schedules

  • Set up schedules to perform automatic linking Notify results by email Add standard or custom scripts to automate specific tasks or client-specific linking