The Timesheet area of Saasu allows you to capture time blocks and some notes about how you spent the

  • In Saasu Timesheet entries are attached to employees (currently during a Payrun phase only).
  • When you have setup your employees you will be able to create and assign timesheets to them.

Add Timesheet

  1. Go to Add > Timesheet
  2. When the Add/Edit Timesheet screen appears you can choose the appropriate employee.
  3. Enter the Start and Finish times.
  4. Add some Notes about the activity.
  5. Save and Close the screen or click Save and Add Another if you have more timesheets to add.

Employees Access to Timesheets

  1. To Add an Employee go to View > Employees and when the Employee list screen appears click the +Add option.
  2. Enter the persons details in the Main tab.  It is mandatory that you enter in the Given and Family Name and an Email address. This email address MUST be the same as the employees Saasu login email otherwise they will not be able to access timesheets.
  3. Click Save. You can come back and add more info later.
  4. In the footer area of Saasu after signing into your file there is an Invite link you can use to invite the employee to your file, make sure you use the same email address you entered when setting up the employee.
  5. In the invite screen set the Access Level for the file to be Timesheets for self.  Please ensure that you use the same email address from their employee details when inviting the user.

Search Timesheets

  1. Go to View > Timesheets
  2. When the List of Timesheet Entries screen appears you can use the filter provided to search for Timesheets relevant to your employee and time frame.

NOTE: If you can’t find a timesheet you thought you entered for an employee set the employee drop down to all employees as it may have been entered against an incorrect employee. Sometimes you may enter an incorrect year so try prior year in the date range filters also.

Edit, Delete and Duplicate Timesheets

Use the search method above to find the required Timesheet entry. Click on the appropriate icon to the right of the Timesheet entry in the list pencil (edit), plus (duplicate). To delete the entry load it in edit mode and then click delete.

Connectors for Time Management

If you need more comprehensive timeclock or time management solutions then 3rd Party software as a service (SaaS) utilities such as 88miles and Quick Timesheets have connectors that allow you to capture time in a more detailed manner and even bill for time using the Saasu web finance engine.

Timesheet List

The Timesheet Entry List screen allows you to view a list of captured time blocks for a particular employee or all employees. In Saasu Timesheet entries are attached to employees. When you have setup your employees you will be able to create and assign timesheets to them.

View Timesheets

Go to View > Timesheets to view a list of Timesheet Entries. When the list appears you will see a list of timesheet entries for the last 7 days by default. You can use the first filters to select a specific employee in order to narrow down the list. Click Show to refresh the list. Choose a date range or select a custom date range to narrow down the selection. Click the show button to refresh the list.

Do you have more Timesheet features?

Try the Connectors to:
+ QuickTimesheets
+ 88miles
For the full list of connectors available for Saasu check out our Connectors and Add-ons area.

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